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Proven, municipal permitting, inspection and license renewal software

Permit2CO is for use by building departments as a complete solution. The daily processes of creating and issuing permits and final certificates of occupancy, inspections, follow ups to violations and reporting is made more manageable and efficient for today's minimally staffed and overburdened offices.

Add this to your toolbox and take weekends off!

Fully Integrated

Permit2CO is a powerful tool for organizing an entire history of permitting activity and property data in a single place. The system provides an online repository of all official paperwork and digital files concerning all properties in your municipality. Data is secure in a relational database and files are unchangeable except through the system.

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Use this and taxpayers will think you are a genius!


Thanks to its origins, Permit2CO is very attractively priced for budget conscious small to medium sized villages and towns. And, as our customer list grows, features are added which all users benefit from.

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You'll get the hang of this in no time!

Easy to Use

Permit2CO is very structured. You will find similar menus and functions throughout the system. Add people and businesses like owners and contractors once and eliminate multiple data entry and errors. Forms fill in most values automatically. Enter your municipal codes once and insert to documents with a single check.

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Permit2CO is a 100% web based product for over five years: not a newcomer!

This tough little system was commissioned and originally designed for use by one of the five largest cities in New York state.

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