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About the Makers of Permit2CO

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Old Road Software, Inc.

Permit2CO is a product of Old Road Software, Inc. (ORS) incorporated in New York in July 2004. ORS is a company formed by former employees of Austin Computer Enterprises, Inc.

Austin Computer Enterprises, Inc. (ACE and ACEINC) has provided Fortune 100 companies with data services since 1994. ACE was awarded the Deloitte and Touche Fast 50 Technology recognition in New York for four consecutive years from 2001– 2004 and successfully reached the 2002 North American Fast 500 list.

ACE and ORS are headquartered in Westchester County, New York and are privately held. ORS was created to work with municipalities and small businesses. ORS is a New York State Contractor and Westchester County approved vendor.


Principals within the company have over 37 years of experience in the software and networking industry.

Through experience and partnerships we provide a team which can manage any-sized IT infrastructure project, from custom software development and server deployment, to building wiring.

ORS is a nimble company that has the power to get the job done. Low overhead and an extended staff of IT professionals and associations deliver cost efficient results.

Brief History

Examples of recent projects include:

Project management, network deployment and set up of diverse fiber optic networks for 120,000 square feet of technology office space. Included working with architects to ensure appropriate wiring was implemented through wireless and high capacity voice and data networks. VOIP studies and production implementation and support, including vendor and product comparisons vs. legacy PBX equipment.

Multiple clients use web based Asset Management and Maintenance and purchasing tracking system. Using SQL,, .NET2 supports over 1500 pieces of equipment in multiple locations.

Intranet and desktop Financial Asset Management system for Family Financial Offices. Programmatic interfaces between QuickBooks, SQL,, Access, Adobe, MS Office. Reporting for multiple, interrelated entities and high net-worth individuals. Over $756 million under management.

Automated applications to store LSOG business rules, TCIF EDI standards, Corba Standards and Proprietary interface specifications in a relational database management system. Enables the RBOC to quickly identify deviations from industry standards and implement documentation changes. Strategic in assisting a successful 271 filing.

Web content management system in production for multiple municipal and corporate clients.

Design and development assistance for K12Alerts, a emergency notification system designed for school districts. This system currently serves over 150,000 students in some of the Westchester county school districts.

Deloitte Technology
Fast 50 and Fast 500
Winner Qualifications

To make the Fast 500 list, companies must outperform other companies represented by Deloitte's 19 regional U.S. and Canadian Fast 50 programs.

To be eligible for the Fast 50, a company must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a technology company, defined as follows:

Owns proprietary technology that contributes to a significant portion of the company's operating revenues. Using other companies' technology in a unique way does not qualify.

Devotes a significant proportion of revenues to research and development of technology.

2. Base-year operating revenues must be at least $50,000 USD or $75,000 CD and current-year operating revenues must be at least $1 million USD and CD.

3. Be in business a minimum of five years.

4. Be headquartered within North America. Subsidiaries or divisions are not eligible (unless they have some public ownership and are separately traded).

New York Fast 50 winners must meet the above criteria and be headquartered in New York City, Westchester or Rockland Counties.

2004 New York Fast 50
2003 New York Fast 50
2002 North American Fast 500
2002 New York Fast 50
2001 New York Fast 50